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The children with Autism have all the rights to be trained and educated. Since the therapies and treatment is very expensive and is individually based, demands extra resources (not affordable by most of the parents in Pakistan), it is imperative that volunteers should come foreword and help this noble cause.

ARCL is a nonprofit organisation registered with City District Government Lahore with registration number RP/9668-L/S/15/2105 since January 2016. We regularly audit our accounts for transparency.

For Donations

We would never have been able to accomplish what we have accomplished in the last Decade and what we continue to do so without the generous support of our donors.

The following list of donors serves as revered appreciation for their titanic acts of generosity and benevolence:

    1. Corporate Donors
    2. Individual Donors

Donations keep us running – and serve as a means for you to support psychological treatment and therapy for children – who may not afford otherwise.

Monetary demands are increasing rapidly with the increase in number of children being treated and the number of trained therapists and professionals, we urge you to come forward and support us.

You may send an email to afbhatti1@yahoo.co.uk or fill out and submit the form on the right. Please remember to include all relevant details, including your name and a phone number on which you may be contacted by the management.

You may transfer funds directly to our following bank accounts:
Autism Resource Centre Lahore
74 C2 IEP Sector A Town Lahore

042 35248222, 0300 9579526, 0303 6655444

Bank detail:
Account Number: 0000 0000 1478 4462
MCB Bank, Wapda Town Lahore.


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