Applied behavior analysis (ABA) refers to a systematic approach to understanding behavior. ABA uses scientific observations and principles of behavior to improve and change behaviors of social interest. As a practice, ABA refers to the application of behavior analytic principles to improve socially important behaviors.

It is often described as the “gold standard” for autism management. It works on a three-term contingency that is:

    • Antecedent
    • Behavior
    • Consequence

Using Principles of ABA desired behaviors can be taught through a system of rewards and consequences that results in decreasing inappropriate behavior and increasing desirable behavior.

Behavior analysis helps us to understand:

    • How behavior works
    • How behavior is affected by the environment
    • How learning takes place

ABA therapy programs can help:

  • Increase language and communication skills
  • Improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics
  • Decrease problem behaviors

At ARCL, therapists get formal training that is based on principles of ABA and are regularly evaluated to ensure their vital role in child’s intervention and expand upon their learning.

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