“When our little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our duty to share our calm, not join their chaos”

ARCL team is putting continuous efforts to provide factual information about causes of delay in skill development, how to use existing resources, ways by which they could help and similar concerns. Parent counseling can take many different forms depending on the needs of particular families. Parents may require to be taught how to assist their child master basic skills. Most parents are responsible for the teaching and programming for their child and the professional support provided by ARCL normally helps them to do this successfully.

The counseling of parents in this organization is a necessary part of programs for families with children having special needs. This can be encouraged at the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) meetings.

The ARCL team understands the fact that most families of children with special needs have many concerns about both the present and the future, they may worry about their own competence as parents. They may be angry or maybe grieving that services are not being provided for their child. They may even feel rejected or stigmatized by other parents or people within the community. When this happens counseling sessions are organized around specific topics. Such meetings give parents opportunities to tell their stories without censure. Parents are also supported in noting their resources, capacities, and adaptability in caring for their children. Many parents are acknowledged for the courage and love that is manifested in the care of their child.

ARCL team encourages parents to participate fully in intervention programs affecting their children;

    • By sending weekly sessional notes of all the therapies, so that the parents get to know the current targets or short term goals of their children which will be helpful to generalize them in-home settings as well.
    • By scheduling observation of therapy sessions of each department once in a month, so that they get to know the achieved tasks, current tasks, different strategies used in all domains to have the maximum output from the children. Parents also provide us with feedback at the end of the observation by fill out the observational form.
    • By organizing panel meetings with parents and all the professionals that are directly interacting with the child. The goal is to discuss the current issues their child is facing and then provide them with the best guidelines or recommendations.
    • By educating parents to create a structure at home, and managing the child’s behavior appropriately by incorporating positive reinforcement.
    • Sharing the videos of therapy sessions to update and guide the parents regarding their child’s current tasks and behaviour in a structured setting.

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