In ARCL, Professionals deal with autism, developmental and communication disorders. Individual and group therapy sessions are conducted in all domains. Conducting group sessions has its own significance in the progress of a child. Group sessions are intended to develop:

    • Tolerance
    • Peer interaction
    • Concept of waiting
    • Sharing
    • Taking turns
    • Command following
    • Attending skills
    • Play skills

The most important benefit of group sessions is that the students learn to respond to a single teacher in a group, that is vital to prepare them for a school setting, and to keep them alert in the general environment. Sitting and participating in a group helps them learn appropriate ways of interacting with typically developing peers.

It also helps in:

  • Generalization of newly learned skills to different situations and environments
  • Help the child to transfer newly developed skills to more natural situations
  • It is also best when working on social language skills, which is a significant deficit for children on the autism spectrum
  • It increases the child motivation to interact and communicate effectively
  • It focuses on joint attention, imitation, and play by using naturalistic strategies

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