Children with autism and special needs require one on one sessions in which one therapist works with one child in a structured environment. The therapy plan is individualized and is specific for the needs and requirements.

When a child comes to ARCL, it is considered to start developing social abilities as early as possible, for that, an experienced therapist is assigned to the child. As children with autism or other communication disorders prefer to be by themselves, the assigned therapist starts immediately to work on developing the social skills needed to interact successfully. For that purpose, the therapist starts with a reinforcement assessment and pairing, which is the first milestone of social interaction. One to one therapy at ARCL focuses on:

    • Behavior Management
    • Attending skills
    • Orientation and concentration
    • Imitation skills
    • Pointing/labeling
    • Basic adaptive skills
    • Social Skills
    • Cognitive skills
    • Communication skills
    • Gross and fine motor skills
    • Self-help skills
    • Play skills

Maladaptive and excessive behaviors can be managed by techniques planned for the specific child in a one to one setting. Similarly, required appropriate behaviors can be taught and acquired behaviors and skills are maintained through specific reinforcement strategies.

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