It is the use of health promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and exercise to prevent disability and restore patients normal and physical function. Physiotherapy also aims to maintain patient’s mobility, muscle strength and exercise endurance. A thorough physiotherapy assessment is important to the treatment’s success. An assessment acts as a diagnostic tool and leads to the development of individualized treatment plans.

The physiotherapy team at ARCL intends to deal with Problems with movements that are common in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Large movements using the arm, legs, torso and feet that are gross motor skills. Physiotherapists at ARCL also aim to increase physical development by helping children to achieve their milestones as soon as possible. 

 For a holistic approach to treatment, PT will help your children in

    • Sensory input and control of motor output
    • Skills\limitations of basic mobility such as walking and running
    • Skills\limitations of other gross movements (pedalling, jumping, kicking a ball)
    • Balance, coordination, motor planning and protective reactions
    • Posture strength and its effect on vocalization, oral motor and breath control
    • Overuse or underuse of muscle groups affecting gait, range of motion, joints
    • Interests, motivators, play style and skills
    • Level of body and safety awareness

At ARCL physiotherapists focus on the restoration and maintenance of mobility and movement of the whole body. They aim to include activities and exercises that build motor skills and improve strength, posture, and balance. This type of therapy helps a child to build muscle control and enhance their ability to work independently.

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